Intellectual Property

Translating patents requires much
more than full mastery of the source
language and the target language.

Intellectual Property concerns the granting of protection for works from the most varied fields of human creation, such as industrial, scientific, literary and
artistic, among others. This includes the defense of rights relating to inventions, discoveries, trademarks, trade names and designs, the area being regulated by
the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a member of the UN System.

Translating patents requires much more than full command of the source and target languages. It is crucial to have mastery of the technical areas and understand what makes an invention susceptible to attacks so as to produce a technically accurate translation capable of protecting this creation.

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Specialized in legal translations
and ready to deal with the challenges
that this genre presents.

Legal translations are technically challenging because, in addition to linguistic aspects, they also involve country-specific legal jargon and realities.

The types of content are the most diverse: procedural documents (from the petition to appeals and complaints), laws, contracts, bids, jurisprudence and,
more recently, electronic material as well to support communications such as e-mails, messages, etc.

As they are official documents concerning rights and duties of different parties, legal documents must be translated thoroughly, rendering the determinations
therein clear and intact in order to prevent ambiguous or insufficient  interpretations.

Our team has translators specialized in legal translations – many of them with a degree in law – and ready to deal with the challenges that this genre presents.

Digital content

More than a linguistic conversion,
we seek the best terms that
influence cultures.

Whatever your interest in the digital market, you have a challenge: the content needs to be translated from your native language to the target language considering not only the linguistic issues, but all the nuances of the specific population of destination. For the localization of your text to be done with excellence, you will need professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the
language, culture and customs of the end market. More than a mere linguistic conversion, our translators are able to choose the terms, words and phrases that
influence cultures to render them the best possible credibility and authenticity, helping our customers conquer new markets.

We make your message relevant, pertinent and accurate, wherever your business is.


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localization and transcription.

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